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Energy Efficient Options

Long term cost savings for your home

The Challenge

Heating your home is like burning money; the more heat loss your home has, the more expensive your utility bills are.  Burning fossil fuels results in greenhouse gas emissions.  These are things we all want to avoid, so during your renovation you can make some decisions that will save you money in the long term.

The Solution

The solution is easy. Masters Group Ltd. can provide you with energy-efficient options for your renovation, addition or new home that meet stringent standards, save you money, and provide a more comfortable and healthier home for your family.

Energy Efficient Options

Home owners today are able to choose from a variety of energy efficient options when finishing a basement, constructing a garage or performing a renovation. Options such as in-floor heating, insulated concrete foundations/walls (ICF), and energy efficient windows have a slightly higher initial cost but offer long term cost savings in addition to providing more “comfort” in the home. Gone are the days of the drafty windows and cold basement floors. Even something as simple as a high efficiency toilet will qualify for a Town of Cochrane energy rebate.

Our experience combined with strong relationships with our suppliers allows us to incorporate these options without compromising the whole home comforts you can’t live without.

If you would like your project to be an energy efficient one, Masters Group can provide you with several options to choose from. Based on your budget, we can help you choose the right products for the job.  With a small increase to the project cost, your energy savings will add up over time.